Eleven:11 – 11:11 Make a Wish!

Reference Video

Eleven:11 – 11:11 Make a Wish!

Tools & Technology Used:

IDE Tool Used: Xcode
Programming Language: Objective-C
Platform: iOS
Technologies: iPhone SDK, Cocoa Touch
Categories: Lifestyle
Backend: MySql, PHP web-services


• A unique take on wishing
• Simple to use interface
• Submit wished
• Explore wishes from around the world
• Give and receive karma
• A chance for your wish to come true

The simple to use interface in Eleven11 makes it a snap to submit and share your wishes. The unique twist in Eleven11 is that when the time hits 11:11 (AM/PM) you’ll have 60 seconds to submit your wish. Collect "Karma" points on your wishes. Explore wishes from other Eleven11 users around the world. Like a wish you read? Give some Karma to any desired wish.

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